Seizing Faith

"Grab a cup of C O F F E E and

C U R L up on the couch.

Let me introduce you to S O M E O N E

who deeply cares for you."


In this personal account of experiencing unexpected blessings and strength in the face of extreme trials, Courtenay Zurenko offers the reader hope, truth and comfort. Her vulnerability in discussing the difficult issues she encounters makes the reader feel like a close friend and confidant. These issues, chronicled in detail throughout the book, include postpartum depression, chronic illness, feelings of insecurity and inadequacy in motherhood and marriage. Such issues are incredibly common, however rarely talked about so openly. Courtenay takes the reader on an intense, yet lighthearted journey as she learns to trust God and feel His presence during the hardest time in her life. She effectively uses self-deprecating humor and honesty in her storytelling.


Whether you're going through a difficult time or trying to be there for a loved one in need, this book provides wisdom and practical life applications on both ends of the spectrum. Follow her spiritual, physical and emotional journey through her own words, as she includes the actual journal entries, Facebook posts, pictures and notes from friends that brought her the most encouragement throughout her fight of a lifetime. See how God's presence is made known to all of us when He decides to change our ideal plans and we decide to rely on and follow Him.